Mouslyne was born November 23, 1970 in Plaisance, Haiti. She has four brothers and 1 sister. Mouslyne married a man named Dieufène on January 6, 1996. Like many marriages, theirs has had its ups and downs. Additionally, there were periods of time during which Dieufène lived abroad in the Caribbean. Ultimately, God’s grace has led Dieufène back to Cap-Haitian, Haiti where he now lives with Mouslyne. Many years ago, Mouslyne found out that she was unable to have children of her own. That has not stopped her from being a mother to many, however. Mouslyne’s sister has an 8-year-old son, Kenny. Mouslyne takes care of Kenny during the school year because school systems are better in Cap-Haitian than in Plaisance. The love and care that Mouslyne pours into Kenny is breathtaking. Additionally, Mouslyne has a beautiful 21-year-old girl, named Blaudine, who is living with her as well. Mouslyne takes care of these two precious individuals in such a joyful manner. In addition to leading the FPSM evangelism team, Mouslyne leads kids worship for all children’s camps that are hosted by FPSM. Her dynamic and charismatic personality is contagious!

Mouslyne’s Favorites:

Favorite Food: Broiled fish with salt and sauce

Favorite Song: Comme un cerf altéré brame (As the deer)

Favorite City: Cap- Haitian


Ways to pray for Mouslyne:

1. For God to continue to grant grace in her marriage

2. For Kenny and Blaudine to continue to grow in their faith

3. For Mouslyne’s family members who don’t know Christ to walk into the realization of what He has done for them

4. Wisdom and perseverance in leading the evangelism team