FPSM Ministry Team Highlight: Veronique Mondelus

For the next 5 weeks, FPSM’s weekly blogs will highlight one of the 5 Haitian ministry team members.  This week we are highlighting Veronique Mondelus, co-founder of FPSM.  Veronique “Vero” was born on April 8th 1973 in Limbe, Haiti.  She was one of 9 children.  Vero’s mother passed away when Vero was 5-years-old.  After Vero’s father determined that he could not take care of all the children, he took five of them to an orphanage in Cap-Haitien, Haiti.  After growing up in the orphanage, Vero had the opportunity to study business administration at a University in Port-au-Prince upon graduating high school.  This opportunity is remarkably significant when one considers that only .03 percent of Haitians have the opportunity to graduate from university.  Vero returned to Cap-Haitian after university and started working at a Culligan Water plant nearby.  A few years later, Vero got married.  The following year, she had a miscarriage.  A few years after that, she gave birth to a daughter whom she named Abigael.  Shortly after Abbie was born, Vero’s husband abandoned her and the baby, leaving Vero as a single mother.  At this time, Vero was working at Culligan Water and she was also in the process of starting another orphanage with 7 of her closest friends.  After all that her childhood had afforded her, Vero wanted to pass along the blessings that she had graciously received to other Haitians in need.  In 2011, Vero left her position at Culligan Water and began working as an agent with Missionary Flights International.  In 2012, Vero’s brother and best friend, Pierre “Smith” Mondelus, passed away suddenly.  (Smith’s story can be found on the “About” page of www.foundationpsm.org.)  Out of Vero’s 8 other siblings, only 4 are still living today.  Vero has a brother and sister in Haiti, a sister in Venezuela, and a brother in the United States.  In May 2016, Vero co-founded Foundation Pierre Smith Mondelus, Inc.  Throughout her life, she has worked diligently to see God’s purposes for Haiti become a reality.

Vero’s Favorites:

Favorite TV Show: NCIS (She loves Gibbs)
Favorite Song: Jézu sèl unik éspérans (Jesus is our only Hope)
Favorite City: Saint Augustine, Florida
Favorite Food: Rum Raisin Ice Cream

Ways you can pray for Vero:

– That God would heal her foot
– That God would give her perseverance and wisdom as a mother and a director of FPSM
– That God’s love would be made known to her in such a way that she grows in the knowledge of His will