May/June Newsletter

What’s been happening with FPSM?

On Saturday May 12th the FPSM youth committee tirelessly washed cars from 10:00am- 2:00pm in order to raise awareness and funds for their educational program.  Additionally, on June 1st the youth committee hosted a family movie night.  This event was another intentional venue for the committee to raise awareness and funds.  It is encouraging to see the next generation participate in God’s kingdom vision; the renewal of all things.  The FPSM youth program will launch this fall.  More details will follow in the next newsletter.

Harvest time as come for the spring planting. Last month the FPSM ministry harvested hundreds of Danver carrots (photo right). Some of the carrots were sold at the local Cap Haitian market and some were used for the pregnancy care program. Every harvest is a symbol of the hope and beauty that we yearn for God to usher into Milot, Haiti. We are in need of financial support to continue the growth of the agricultural program. If you would like to specifically help please contact: [email protected]

What’s NEXT for FPSM?

As highlighted in the previous newsletter, the second annual FPSM summer camp will be held July 19-21.  A team of 18 adults and youth from St. Augustine will be heading to Haiti July 17- 24. On July 18th there will be leader training. The camp will employ 38 Haitians.  There are 15 team leaders, 6 cooks, 2 cleaning crew, 2 security, 5 FPSM ministry members, 4 translators, 1 Bible Leader, 1 musician, 1 local artist and 1 driver.  At 9:00am on July 19, 150 students ages 6-16 will fill FPSM chapel to initiate this second camp.  The students will participate in arts and crafts, competition, Bible story, team time, and will also receive a warm meal.  On July 21st the students will be presented with an opportunity to walk into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.  The camp will culminate in a church service on Sunday, July 22nd at the FPSM chapel, when the students are invited to bring their parents to hear, some for the first time, the good news of the gospel.

Please join us in praying for everyone participating in this adventure.   Thank you for helping make this camp a reality.  Pictured below are the badges of the campers that will be participating in the summer camp.


Partnering as we move forward…

The operational budget for 2018 is $37,500, which requires a little over $3,000 a month.  To date FPSM has monthly pledges totaling $2,100.  It has been necessary for the foundation to use  one-time gifts to cover the shortfall.  Next year, FPSM would like to cover the operational budget with monthly gifts and use one-time gifts toward capital expenditures. Our Capital Expenditure for 2018 is pictured below.

Please prayerfully consider whether you might help us achieve these goals.

Please join FPSM in praying for the following:

  • Pray for the summer camp that God would be made known to the nations
  • Pray for the FPSM programs and ministry team that God’s glory would be manifest in them and through them
  • Pray for wisdom, discernment, and humility for the board as they move forward with strategic planning

Thank you for choosing to partner alongside of FPSM and help offer faith, hope, and love to the least of these.  It is a privilege to serve with you!