December Newsletter

What’s been happening with FPSM?

December was an exciting month for FPSM.  First, the Mitsubishi Fuso has already been put to great use.  The Haitian ministry team, along with Bill Platko, Jude Platko, and Shannon Miller used the truck to transport fencing materials to enclose the chicken coop.  Second, the team put in a 40ft by 40ft fence to allow the chickens to free range.  Finally, and most excitingly, this group ventured to the Dominican to purchase our very first chickens.  Twenty “teenage” chickens have now found their home within the FPSM chicken coop.  The eggs from the chickens will go to the women participating in the Healthcare Bridge Program. The long term plan is for the chickens to be a part of the Chicken Coop education program.

This month 28 participants of the literacy program took their first semester test (photos right). 26 passed, which is extremely exciting and encouraging.  The literacy program is broken down into trimesters.  Participants who go through all four years of the literacy program will be the first to participate in FPSM’s micro loan program, which will launch in 2020.

Pictured upper left are some of the students sponsored by FPSM in the school program.  The students got their first 9 week report cards and out of the 16 students, 11 have passing marks.

FPSM is continuing to have its weekly Bible Study every Sunday.  Pictured lower left is the Bible Study 3 weeks ago, with a couple of hundred participants.  It is exciting to see God’s movement in Milot.  The team reported that a majority of the individuals attending the Bible Study are not yet believers. In 2017, 22 individuals have professed faith in Jesus Christ through the work of the FPSM ministry team.

What’s NEXT for FPSM?

This month FPSM will be starting the sports program.  Every Saturday, teenagers who actively participate in the Bible Study will have an opportunity to be a part of this program.  The sports program will include the Bible Study, soccer theory, skills, and scrimmages.  Additionally, the participants are required to help wash all of the uniforms and equipment on a weekly basis.

FPSM is excited to announce that the Haitian ministry team is collaborating with a Haitian farmer who will help execute and lead the garden and chicken coop program for 2018.  Due to Irma, Maria, and the continued rains this past harvest was very limited.  This January will start our spring planting.  If you have any interest in the garden or chicken coop program please contact [email protected]


Partnering as we move forward…

The operational budget for 2018 is $37,500, that is a little over $3,000 a month.  To date FPSM has monthly pledges totaling $1,800.  The foundation has used one-time gifts to cover the financial discrepancy.  This next year, FPSM would like to cover the operational budget with monthly gifts and use one-time gifts toward capital expenditures.  We invite you to prayerfully consider becoming a monthly financial partner.

Please join FPSM in praying for the following:

  • Pray for the continued wisdom and security of our caretakers, Roudlyn and Ti-Paul
  • Pray for resilience for the evangelism team
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit would work within the hearts of the men, women, and children in bringing them to Bible Study
  • Pray for the 16 students FPSM enrolled in school for the 2017-2018 school year
  • Pray for wisdom, discernment, and humility for the board as they move forward with strategic planning

We praise God that He engages us in His mission and kingdom work and we thank you for your faithful stewardship, support, and encouragement! Happy New Year