Margerit “Margo” Jacques was born on September 14, 1975 in Pomogo, Haiti. Margo has one sister and one brother. She married her husband Samuel on December 10, 2005. Margo and Samuel have four children: Vanessa 21, Tamara 19, Evè 19, and Sherlande 17. Margo’s husband had an accident some years ago, injuring his eye and making employment a constant struggle for him.   Margo tries to make ends meet by selling charcoal. Margo took the initiative to return to high school to receive her GED and will graduate this year. The church Margo attends believes so much in her gifts and character that they have offered to fund her education. Margo wants to go on to the local university next year to get a degree in either teaching or nursing. Margo is extremely involved in her church. She teaches Children’s church, sings in the choir, serves as a deacon, is the administrator for the micro-loan program, and helps teach literacy in their weekly program. Additionally, Margo is responsible for the entire literacy program for FPSM (Upper left photo).  Margo loves to teach the Bible Stories for the kids and has an incredible gift for communicating the gospel (Upper right photo).   Margo and Samuel have been displaced from their home for the last 5 years and are currently renting a small home from some church members. Last year Margo and Samuel purchased a small plot of land and are step-by-step saving funds to build a home of their own. Margo loves to watch movies and eat, and whenever these two activities take place, you have lost her as she goes into “the zone.” Margo is an incredible woman of faith, joy, discipline, and integrity.

Margo’s Favorites

Favorite Food: Goat

Favorite Song: T’aimer ô Sauver Charitable (I love you, Oh Charitable Savior)

Favorite Job: Teaching


Ways to Pray for Margo 

  1. That Samuel could find consistent work
  2. That her children grow in their devotion and commitment to Jesus Christ
  3. That Margo would continue to have perseverance and faith in the struggles and trials
  4. Wisdom and discernment in regard to decisions for her future