FPSM Ministry Team Highlight: Melanie Jean

Melanie Jean was born March 25th, 1957 in Plasiance, Haiti. She was one of 8 children born to her mother and one of 5 children born to her father.  After Melanie was married, she had the opportunity to move to the United States where she lived in Camden, New Jersey with her husband and five children.  After some time, Melanie experienced a tragic situation while babysitting and was subsequently accused of neglect.  Melanie was then deported from the United States and forced to say goodbye to her husband and five children.  It has been 16 years since Melanie has seen them.  Despite the way this situation brings suffering into Melanie’s life, she lives with a joy and tender-heartedness that are breathtaking.  Today Melanie lives in Cap-Haitian where she houses and cares for her 80-year-old-mother, her sister, her sister’s two children, and three other children from her extended family.  Melanie sings weekly in her church’s choir and she is in charge of the garden and chicken coop program for FPSM.  Additionally, she hosts a weekly prayer meeting every Friday in the small chapel that she built in front of her house.  Melanie is considered the “mother” of the FPSM ministry team.  She is constantly providing food for everyone and taking care of the team members when they are sick.  In 2010, when Jude Platko (Shannon’s mother) was diagnosed with breast cancer, Melanie gathered groups of people who walked for miles to prayer with Jude when she came to visit Haiti.  Melanie is a long-suffering and a beautifully dynamic individual.

Melanie’s Favorites:

Favorite Song- Séré m pi prè (Nearer still nearer)

Favorite Food- Ginger Tea (This is not food!)

Favorite City- Camden, New Jersey

Favorite Nickname: Ma Sè (My Sister)

Favorite Pastime: Falling asleep in the car when she’s supposed to give Shannon directions

Ways to pray for Melanie: 

-God’s comfort to be made known to Melanie as she waits to be reunited with her family in the United States

-For the arthritis and meniscus damage in her knees

-For her children in the United States to grow in their knowledge of God