July/August Newsletter

What’s been happening with FPSM?

FPSM is filled with gratitude and awe as we concluded the second annual summer camp on our property.  150 Haitian children, 40 Haitian employees, and 18 Americans filled the property July 19-21(Leaders and American team pictured upper left). It was a time to enjoy God’s creation as His story was unfolding in the lives of the men, women, and children.  On Sunday, July 22, FPSM held a church service and invited the community (Pictured upper right). The 22 children and youth who came to faith were presented on stage and prayed for (Pictured lower left).  Please keep this community in your prayers, as they begin to see the fruit of the gospel amongst them!

Under the direction of Haitian leaders and the ministry team, boys and girls acted out the drama of Scripture in the Bible story of Joseph.

Pictured are some of the myriad of games in which the children participated during competition.  It was truly a display of beauty to watch children safely play and embrace the innocence of their youth!

There were various arts and crafts the kids got to participate in during the three days of camp. They learned raku pottery as they crafted gardening pots. They were instructed in sewing as they made a small wallet/purse.  Additionally, a Haitian artist taught them perspective drawing and painting.  Supplies were left behind so they might have the opportunity to continue cultivating these new skills.

Marcot preparing for his sermon, the cooks slaving away at preparing over 200 meals, children worshipping their creator and Lord, and building fellowship as they display their salvation bracelets. This camp was an encouragement and a gift to each and everyone who participated in it.


We are excited as another school year approaches and FPSM programs are being launched. This has been facilitated by two new sponsors.

Albritton Heating & Air, Inc. has partnered with FPSM as they have graciously chosen to financially sponsor FPSM’s school program, which currently supports the tuition expenses of 16 Haitian students for one academic school year.

Exchange Fitness has also partnered with FPSM and has offered to financially sponsor the sports program thereby enabling 50 students to participate in a community soccer program.

On behalf of FPSM, we can not say thank you enough to these new partners as we look forward to how God will use their resources to advance His kingdom and restore broken places.

In other programs, our garden has entered its planting season and is growing peppers.  The literacy program will be starting in a few weeks.  Through the hard work of the students and the ministry team, we have 100 percent retention of prior students and also have enrolled another ten participants.

Information about a particular program can be obtained at [email protected].  We are still in need of businesses or individuals who would have an interest in partnering with our other programs, (I.e. agricultural, summer camp, health care, and literacy) if you are interested please contact [email protected].

What’s NEXT for FPSM?

Sept. 4-6 a small team will be traveling to Haiti to conduct its first year evaulation and planning meeting for the health care program.  Additionally, SPP, will be hosting its first annual golf tournament on Monday, October 9th.  (Information below)


Partnering as we move forward…

The operational budget for 2018 is $37,500, which requires a little over $3,000 a month.  To date FPSM has monthly pledges totaling $2,300.  It has been necessary for the foundation to use  one-time gifts to cover the shortfall. Next year, FPSM would like to cover the operational budget with Business partnerships and use monthly donors and one-time gifts toward capital expenditures. Our Capital Expenditure for 2018 is pictured below.

Please prayerfully consider whether you might help us achieve these goals.


Please join FPSM in praying for the following:

  • Pray for God’s Spirit to awaken the men and women of Milot to acknowledge God as Lord.
  • Pray for the FPSM programs and ministry team that God’s glory would be manifest in them and through them
  • Pray for wisdom, discernment, and humility for the board as they move forward with strategic planning