March/April Newsletter

What’s been happening with FPSM?

On March 24-29 FPSM was blessed to have a team of 6 adults and 7 kids (ages 5-16) participate in its second FPSM Spring Break Family trip.  The team, working alongside the Haitian ministry team, hosted a Vacation Bible School for 75 students ages 6-17. It was an incredible time of diverse fellowship, worship, and serving. The kids enjoyed learning new trades during arts and crafts, competing in games and, most importantly, learning about the forgiveness of God.  If you would like more information about trips, please contact [email protected].

The FPSM garden is thriving this season. The new farmer has been planting Danver carrots that FPSM will sell at the local market upon harvest.  Additionally, our chickens have grown up and are now producing eggs that we are using for the Health Care Bridge Partner (SPP) program.  It is really encouraging to watch this agricultural program expand into a more robust program.  If you would like to specifically help with the agricultural program please contact: [email protected]

A TREMENDOUS thank you to all of you who supported the construction of Cheri’s new home. Cheri (pictured bottom left) was instrumental in FPSM’s initial entrance into Milot.  Last month Cheri’s house (bottom left) collapsed.  Friends and family of FPSM, touched by Cheri’s unselfishness, put God’s resources together to construct a new home for her and her children.  A special thank you to Doug Davis, a participant of the spring break trip, who designed and constructed the new roof for her home (upper left).

A couple of weeks ago a dear friend and part-time worker of FPSM was in a horrific motorcycle accident.  Cequer is a long time friend of Shannon and Vero (Co-Founder’s of FPSM). While on his motorcycle, he was struck by a small bus and thrown to the ground. He was initially hospitalized at Milot Hospital, in a coma due to traumatic brain injury and with an open fracture of his foot and ankle.  He was then life flighted to Port-au-Prince where he is still awaiting more brain scans and surgery on his foot.  He remains in critical condition and his prognosis is unknown.  Please be in prayer for Cequer and the doctors in the days and weeks ahead.  This is truly a heartbreaking and tragic situation for many in Haiti and the United States.

What’s NEXT for FPSM?

FPSM Youth Committee will be hosting their first fundraiser for their child literacy program.  On Friday June 1st the youth committee members will be hosting a movie night.  All proceeds will go toward their child literacy program which will be implemented this fall.  Details about this event will be forthcoming.

The second annual FPSM summer camp is around the corner.  A team of 17 individuals will be heading to Haiti in mid July to help the Haitian ministry team and 20 Haitian Leaders teach 150 students about the love of God.  More details about the camp will be in the next newsletter.  Registration for the camp is occurring this month. Please be in prayer with us that God may work on the hearts of the students and leaders who are chosen to attend camp.


Partnering as we move forward…

The operational budget for 2018 is $37,500, that is a little over $3,000 a month.  To date FPSM has monthly pledges totaling $1,825.  The foundation has used one-time gifts to cover the financial discrepancy.  This next year, FPSM would like to cover the operational budget with monthly gifts and use one-time gifts toward capital expenditures.  We invite you to prayerfully consider becoming a monthly financial partner.

Please prayerfully consider whether you might help us achieve these goals.

Please join FPSM in praying for the following:

  • Pray for resilience for the evangelism team
  • Pray for the vision night FPSM will be hosting on May 20th
  • Pray for the youth committee as they prepare to raise funds for their literacy program
  • Pray for wisdom, discernment, and humility for the board as they move forward with strategic planning

Thank you for choosing to partner alongside of FPSM and help offer faith, hope, and love to the least of these.  It is a privilege to serve with you!