Seminary & Trade School

In Haiti, many seminaries place an emphasis on theological thought over Biblical exegesis. We have also observed many pastors in third world countries struggle to maintain a sustainable income.


Students will enter the seminary choosing to major in either a Biblical Studies program or a trade and Christian education program. The Biblical Studies program will provide students with a Biblical Studies degree and a trade, if required. Trade school majors will be required to take core foundational theological courses. 


The Seminary and Trade School will begin primarily with U.S and Australian professors and instructors with the end goal of having Haitian professors continue the work.

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To meet these needs, FPSM has begun development of Séminaire Théologique Mondelus (Mondelus Theological Seminary). Our vision is to provide a Christian seminary program that prioritizes developing Biblical exegesis skills, that in turn informs theological thought and worldview. Students enrolled in a seminary degree will have the opportunity to enroll in classes that offer skills in a specialized trade. Learning a marketable trade will equip graduates to support their lives and their families in a way that will leave room to practice ministry, or use their seminary skills in a beneficial way.  


The Plan - Starting Theological Education

In August 2021, our first intake of students will begin Hebrew I with Dr. Catherine McDowell, associate professor of Old Testament Studies at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. Students will continue Hebrew and exegesis training over the three semesters and in Fall 2022 will take their first Old Testament exegesis class with Dr. Tom Petter, professor at Gordon Conwell.  

Trade School


Global trade and commerce has opened Haiti up to many new and exciting vocational opportunities. At FPSM, we want to ensure that students enrolled in Mondelus Theological Seminary have access to the training and skills they need to provide for their daily needs and stimulate their local economy.


The Plan - Starting Trade School Classes. 

In 2021, we are focusing our attention on identifying marketable trades and launching adequate training courses. 


Graphic Design 

In January 2021, we launched a graphic design program aimed at equipping students with the skills needed to work in graphic design with a view toward employment in the global economy. The course is taught by skilled graphic design teachers, who currently teach at reputable colleges in the United States. Our graphic design program provides quality training and education to ensure that our students can compete in the global marketplace.



In August 2021, we will be launching a sewing program that will equip students with the tools and training they need to launch their own seamstress businesses. Sewing is a desirable trade in Haiti and there continues to be ample opportunity for both local and global opportunities. 


If you have additional trade course ideas or are interested in virtually teaching a vocational course, please let us know!
Students attend design course