Team Traveling to Haiti

On Wednesday, November 2nd, a team of 11 people from St. Augustine will be driving down to Ft. Pierce, Florida.  On Thursday, November 3rd, they will depart from Ft. Pierce and fly to Cap Haitien, Haiti, where they will be joined by a couple from Naples, Florida and a woman from Charlotte, North Carolina.

The team will spend the next 6 days getting to know the FPSM team members who live and work in Haiti.  While they are there, they will be participating in several projects, including health care, business meetings, construction of the chicken coop, the design and beginning of the community garden, and a VBS program for 50 unschooled children.  We would be honored if you would pray with us for those who are traveling to Haiti.  If you’d like to pray on a daily basis, please scroll down to see the itinerary of the trip so that you can pray more specifically.

Thursday 11/3: Team arrives in Haiti.  Today they will travel to the land in Milot and spend time praying over the land before breaking up into evangelism teams and going to meet some of the local residents.  They will spend time asking questions and assessing some of the needs of the people in order to determine how best to serve them going forward.

Friday 11/4:  Split up into teams for conducting health care research, business research, begin constructing the chicken coops, and conducting VBS.  In the afternoon, the team will pick up 40 pounds of compost to begin the community garden.

Saturday 11/5:  The team will spend the morning caring for and feeding disabled children in a home called Azeal.  This will give the caretakers a much needed break.  In the afternoon, the team will spend time with the FPSM ministry team, building relationships and encouraging one another.

Sunday 11/6: After church, the team will split up once again to continue working on the chicken coop and the community garden.

Monday 11/7:  The team will spend the day in groups completing the chicken coop, the community garden, and conducting another day of VBS for 50 unschooled children.

Tuesday 11/8: Depart Cap Haitien and return to the United States.

Thank you for joining us in praying for the events of this trip.  Please also pray that God would soften the hearts of all those involved, that He would give each person eyes to see Him at work and join Him there.  We acknowledge that this itinerary is tentative in that we exist to serve and glorify Him; may we be ever aware of the (sometimes unexpected) moments that He gives us, seizing them as the opportunities for grace that they are.