Truck Headed to Haiti Thanks to FPSM Partners!

13613634_1186933174680037_7521960482332204001_oWe wanted to share some fun and exciting news! Last week, Jack Wilson’s Dealership in Saint Augustine, helped FPSM acquire a used 2000 Ford F-150 for a great price! Thank you to Matt Powell and Mike Hirko for checking the quality of the vehicle and helping to ensure its reliability.

Yesterday, the truck was driven down to Monarch Shipping Company, in West Palm Beach Florida. A huge THANK YOU to Shannon Miller, Jude Platko and Amy Kaelin for driving the distance! Within the next two weeks the truck will be sent to Saint-Marc in Haiti. Hopefully, the ministry team in Haiti will be driving it in Milot 4 weeks from today!

This is an answer to prayer and we thank God and all of you for your prayers, support, and friendship in this journey. Please pray for the truck to make it safely to Haiti. In addition, please pray for the customs official’s hearts to be opened to what the truck will be used for in Haiti so that the cost to get the truck out of customs is not exploitative.