Dressing Up for Church

I almost wore jeans to church today.  It was slightly “chilly” morning (only a Florida girl can say that with a straight face when it’s 73 degrees outside!).  As I went to grab my jeans … Read More

God of the Storm

It’s been an intense week in Florida.  The news informed us last Monday that a Category 5 hurricane was approaching and, within hours, the local grocery stores ran out of bottled water…6 days before the … Read More

The Ultimate Contrast

Possibly the only thing sweeter than welcoming 142 children to a summer camp based on Biblical teaching and the love of Christ was the knowledge that the vast majority of those children would have spent … Read More

The terror of surrender

Preparing for a group trip to Haiti can be a big undertaking.  Planning a group trip to Haiti while preparing a summer camp that will employ 75 Haitians and teach 150 children about the love … Read More

FPSM Ministry Highlight: Marcot Vernois

Marcot Vernois was born August 25th, 1961 in Miragoane, Haïti. He is married to his wonderful wife Gina and their marriage is filled with laughter, trust, and respect.  Marcot and Gina have three beautiful children: … Read More

Resolutions or Resolute?

New Year’s is often a time full of making resolutions for the future.  Over the course of the first week, however, our commitment to those resolutions often begins to wane. As we embark on 2017, … Read More

Home from Haiti – Written by Claire Owen

It’s been 5 days since leaving Haiti after my first mission trip. Since returning, my body has been physically sick. Headaches, nausea, coughing and general discomfort. It’s always a nuisance to be sick. It stops … Read More

Facing the Rain

Over the past 6 days, many of you prayed for the FPSM team who travelled to Haiti. You may have prayed for productivity on the chicken coop and the community gardens, successful meetings with Haitian … Read More